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one of her ps creations

Welcome to the Kitt WikiEdit

<read at ur own risk *skull emoji*>Kitt is a wonderful person who wanted to have a wiki page. I, her number one stan, have decided to create one. she is looking for ass.

Kitt who?Edit

Twit user kuramiyukis, hell yea you heard right, she ships that boyx boy stuff. Kitt is a female so yeah go ahead and use those she/her pronouns. her catch phrase: humu humu. she likes dem chicken tenders. dont be fooled, shes kinky af. her babe is me aka Number 1 Kitt stan(Tm). call her kittamatsu, she yells when you do that. oh damn shes also a bad influence SM H, im calling the police. an actual bully. she is the cause for my chest to ache and my nose to bleed. the long haired teru. google search: how to make a good wiki page help i am lost.

she lives in that one country. ah yes, this is how you know she is real and alive.


*sniff sniff* U Smell Good BABE

you wanna ride My Tractor BABE

how Lewd BABE



im @ tru3 h@kk3r

OwO what ss thiss


more idfk Edit

  • she is teru
  • in uni
  • kuramiyu
  • has a cat
  • genji???
  • loves all the bad bois
  • nyaa
  • gets the gay feels daily
  • helicopter noises* TCHUPUPUPUPUPUPU
  • shes got them receipts

Latest activityEdit

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it she the kitt man

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